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  • SocialMedia Article 3.2014

    Six social media tips for your business

    Are you using social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy? Or have you fallen into the fad of using different social media without a clear strategy? Facebook or a website are not the substitute of the phone directory, they are tools to generate [...]

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    How to Preempt Business Threats

    In the 2013 Florida legislative session as the two parties struggled to get the best leverage for their bills, a law was invoked that required all bills to be read aloud in their entirety before they were voted on. The reading of the bill would [...]

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  • 00327

    Developing a marketing strategy

    Marketing your business requires a lot of planning, forethought, and vision. In order to develop an effective strategy, your organization should build from the ground up and should

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  • 00312

    Networking with Purpose

    You might enjoy networking, meeting new people, learning about their businesses and purposes but there is more to networking than just showing up with a well intended stack of business cards.  Networking is not as much about introducing yourself or your business to others as [...]

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  • 00314

    Promotional Analysis: What do you Present to Your Potential Customers

    When was the last time you reviewed the company’s marketing and advertising materials?  You should update your materials on a scheduled basis so they don’t present an obsolete or confusing representation of your business. 

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  • Successfully Promoting Your Business with Minimal Expense

    Word-of-Mouth. Yes, the old-fashion, tested and most cost-effective promotion is still the great handshake of friendship.  Today, we have modernized it by calling it networking. Quick tips for word-of-mouth and networking: 1) When meeting someone for the first time or an acquaintance you haven’t seen [...]

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  • Put on the Website Mask: Using Your Website to Control Perceptions

    Don’t let internal weaknesses show on your website. Have you ever been to a website that screams any of these: Disorganized! Small! Incapable! Your website doesn’t have to scream these things, even if it is the truth. Your company might be small, but your website [...]

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