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  • 00308

    Common Government Proposal Mistakes

    Let’s explore the most common government proposal mistakes. (How many of you immediately noticed the incorrect spelling of the word “mistakes” in the first sentence?)  One of the most common mistakes is an oversight of a misspelled word, punctuation mark, or failure to understand the […]

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  • 00329

    Achieve Better Business Purchasing Power

    The more you desire to start or expand your business, the more important your individual credit becomes. Yes, that’s right— your business credit relies on your personal credit. A shabby personal credit report can have a negative  impact on how much you may be able […]

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  • 00309

    Choosing an Accountant: Questions to Ask

    Before beginning your search, you must first look at your needs and honestly assess your habits.  After you’ve identified all of your requirements in “Finding the account that fits your business,” it’s time to start the interviews.

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  • 00310

    The Silent Sales Language

    More than 70 percent of our communication is done through the nonverbal combination of movement, posture and tone that takes part in our unconscious.  In fact, some studies show that body language has greater impact than the spoken word.  It’s an excellent measure of true […]

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  • 00311

    Services Are Exportable

    Services Are Exportable By María Clara Yepes Many small business owners think exporting means trading tangible goods. But, in today’s global world, there is a great chance a service can be successfully exported. While small service companies are sometimes shy to explore international ventures, this […]

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  • 00312

    Networking with Purpose

    You might enjoy networking, meeting new people, learning about their businesses and purposes but there is more to networking than just showing up with a well intended stack of business cards.  Networking is not as much about introducing yourself or your business to others as […]

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