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    Pinellas Water Paddling Goes Nationwide

    Brody Welte came to Florida looking for the ideal location to start a new stand up paddling business. He found that location in St. Petersburg and brings a little adventure into everyone’s lives as the business continues to grow, organize events across the county and […]

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    Four characteristics every successful entrepreneur possesses

    Google “what does it take to be an entrepreneur” and you’ll get 62,900,000 results. It seems that everybody has an opinion. But if you delve deeper, certain key elements begin to surface. The first is that the entrepreneur has to be opportunistic. I prefer to […]

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  • Two Parts of Financial Projections: The Known and Unknown

    If you are seeking money, lenders might not give you any until your financial projections accurately express the risk and solve how the funds will get paid back. This financial forecast is also a crucial component of any business plan. Financial projections are typically three […]

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  • What Free Trade Does for Small Business

    Free trade agreements are important for small businesses because they simplify the process of doing business with the partnering countries. Those getting started in exporting or importing should trade with countries that have agreements since small businesses do not have the diplomatic contacts or deep […]

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    Make Your Website Pop! Get Easy-to-Use, Cool & Compatible Web Fonts

    Web designers’ & web masters’ have to decide what font to use on a website. Big decision? Actually, it is. Search engine optimization dictates that the words, in the least, won’t be hidden in images; however, most of use have realized that the selection of […]

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    Unhappy Customer? Use This Three-Step Customer Recovery Process

    No matter how great your products are or how well you execute your service and train your employees, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll disappoint a customer. Fortunately, some of your customers will contact your business to express their disappointment.  Here is where you […]

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