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    Business or Home in Trouble?

    Four Not-So-Scary Alternatives Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Might Not Tell You by Samantha Dammer, Esq Special to the Florida SBDC at USF Last month, I met with at least four prospective clients who should not have called my office.  The reason that they consulted with me […]

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    How can companies secure financing for export initiatives?

    The practice of sales of products or services is becoming more global by the day, and Florida companies have taken note. From service providers to manufacturers, more and more companies are seeking export advice and reaching to the Florida SBDC at University of South Florida […]

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    4 Steps to Improve Business Cash Flow

    In spite of the need for the business owner to efficiently manage the assets and liabilities of the business in order grow and improve the cash flow of their firms, few business owners spend the time to determine how efficiently they are managing their assets […]

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    Top 2014 SBA Lenders in Tampa Bay

    Your company needs a loan to grow. So you talk to your banker but your bank will not provide you the needed funds. What do you do next? According to Jim Parrish, growth acceleration services consultant at the Florida SBDC at USF, “When your bank […]

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    Choosing the Right Accountant for Your Company

    Whether your company has decided to retain a new accountant, or is engaging one for the first time, it is difficult to find the right professional to meet your needs. Here’s how to find the right accountant for your business. Request a face to face […]

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    Maximize Your Loan Chances by Applying When You Don’t Need It

    “A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.” –Mark Twain, US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 – 1910) The following scenario is based on a […]

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