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    Top SBA Lenders in 2014

    Getting a business loan may be critical to the success of your company. If your company needs one, you may be confused about where to go. According to Jim Parrish, Growth Acceleration Consultant with the Florida SBDC at USF, “When seeking a business loan for […]

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    Measuring the Financial Return of your Investment in People

    In spite of payroll frequently being the single largest expense (exclusive of cost of goods sold) for most businesses, few business owners do any sort of quantitative analysis to determine the financial return of their investment in people (payroll expense). According to Jim Parrish, Growth […]

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    My Business Is Profitable – Why Do I Need To Understand Margin and Markup?

    Business owners may have a hard time trying to determine their profitability. Javier Marin, a consultant with the Florida SBDC at USF says clients are normally misguided by the balance in their bank account, assuming that as long as there is money in the bank, […]

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    Financial Literacy: Critical to Nation, Small Businesses

    Florida Traditions Bank VP, FSBDCN State Advisory Board Member Sheds Insight April is National Financial Literacy Month, the perfect opportunity for individuals and business owners alike to get their house in order—financially speaking. In honor of the month, Dr. Cheryl Kirby, associate state director of […]

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    How to Make Your Loan Officer Love You

    Keeping a good relationship with your loan officer is the primary way to help them understand your business. Good relationships don’t necessarily mean lunches, gifts, or sporting events, but rather using the currency of information. Keep in mind that a business loan is not a […]

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    Regional Director co-authors financial literacy research

    In “Financial Literacy and the Success of Small Businesses: An Observation from a Small Business Development Center,” published by Numeracy, Florida SBDC at USF Regional Director, Eileen Rodriguez, and Pearl Dahman, studied 14 small businesses in regards to their financial literacy. Businesses were surveyed to […]

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