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    Filing Your Corporate Tax Returns

    Changes to Your Tax Form That Might Open You to an Audit As a veteran tax preparer I am noticing some subtle changes occurring to corporate tax return forms. And, since individuals sign their tax returns under a declaration of perjury, it is wise of […]

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  • 00315

    Dispelling Government Business Grant Myths

    Unlike business loans, grants have the distinct advantage of not having to be repaid.  However, the ability to receive, or even apply, for a grant is restricted to very specific  groups, and is subject to specific conditions and has strict reporting responsibilities. As you can […]

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    How to file for the Health Care Tax Credit

    How to file for the Health Care Tax Credit If your business pays a portion of your employee’s heath care insurance, ask your tax preparer about claiming this hidden credit. A tax credit is an actual refund of the tax dollars you pay to the […]

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  • 00329

    Achieve Better Business Purchasing Power

    The more you desire to start or expand your business, the more important your individual credit becomes. Yes, that’s right— your business credit relies on your personal credit. A shabby personal credit report can have a negative  impact on how much you may be able […]

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    Choosing an Accountant: Questions to Ask

    Before beginning your search, you must first look at your needs and honestly assess your habits.  After you’ve identified all of your requirements in “Finding the account that fits your business,” it’s time to start the interviews.

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  • 00313

    Top 5 Business Financing Considerations

    Financial injections come with the territory of business ownership, as does the extensive range of methods and lenders/investors to choose from. It’s critical to take a step back and review all the considerations before diving into something that either: A. wastes your time, or B. […]

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