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  • Reconciliations and financials made easy

    Do you know your current profit margins? Reconciling bank and credit card accounts is paramount to making solid business decisions! Not too long ago, business owners didn’t have a choice but to plunk away at a keyboard to enter hundreds of accounting transactions. Now, the […]

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    88 Ways to get Money Without Going to the Bank

    So, the bank declined your request for a business loan. Did they ask, Do you have any “marketable collateral”? When you indicated that you only had business assets, did they respond, “I am sorry, but we do not finance businesses unless they have been a […]

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  • Numbers Must Tell the Story of Success

    Your ability to make the lender believe in you is critical to obtaining the loans necessary for your business to succeed. However, the financial statements of your business provide an objective source of information as to past and future financial success.

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