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  • Legislative Knowledge Makes Good Business Sense

    Legislative Knowledge Makes Good Business Sense

    By Eileen Rodriguez | September 21, 2017 It seems like everyone is talking politics.  National, state, local – you name it. That’s all people are talking about at your favorite breakfast place, standing in line at the supermarket, and of course, in the media, both […]

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  • Veteran Business Certification…..It All Starts Here

    Veteran Business Certification…..It All Starts Here

    By Karen Krymski | August 10, 2017 Many of our returning service men and women, recently separated from the military, as well as those who have been retired for many years, have made the decision to seek their Veterans Administration business certification. Whether you are […]

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  • Registering in system for award management

    Registering in System for Award Management (SAM) and DSBS

    By Karen Krymski | August 1, 2017 Many small business clients come to the Florida SBDC at University of South Florida looking to begin their journey of selling to the Federal Government (FedGov).  When they do, one of the first items on the list is […]

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  • 7 Tips

    7 Tips For Getting Your Business Registered in SAM

    By Yolanda Cowart | July 31, 2017 If you know the power behind doing business with the local, state, or federal government, you’ll want your small business to have a piece of that pie. First things first. The government only does business with companies registered […]

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  • 5 Options For Financing

    Five Options for Financing a Government Contract

    By Yolanda Cowart | July 31, 2017 Congratulations on procuring a contract with the government. You’ve taken a huge step in growing your small business and positioning yourself for success. Do you find yourself wondering, now what? The next step is to create, build, or […]

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  • 4 Prep Steps

    4 Prep Steps For Bidding On a Government Contract

    Winning government contracts is a goal many small business owners have. It’s a smart one, too, because the government spends a remarkable $135 billion – yes, that’s a B – each year awarding contracts to small businesses.

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