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    Plan an exit strategy to get the most out of your business

    The second principle of Steven R. Covey’s “The Seven Principles of Highly Effective People” is to Begin with the End in Mind. In order to apply this principle, one must have an imagination, a vision, and an ability to see something not as it is […]

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    Choosing the Right Accountant for Your Company

    Whether your company has decided to retain a new accountant, or is engaging one for the first time, it is difficult to find the right professional to meet your needs. Here’s how to find the right accountant for your business. Request a face to face […]

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    Four Steps to Great Leadership Character

    Leaders are often at the top of their game when reaching to a crisis. Usually during such moments leaders reach into their deepest instincts to make decisions. You may have experienced this type of crystal clear decision making as your back was against the wall […]

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    Turning an idea into a profit-making prototype

    by Jim Taylor, Florida SBDC at USF So, you have just come up with a great idea for a product invention. Great, who hasn’t?  The truth is if you don’t have a prototype, you don’t’ have an idea. You have an idea for an idea. […]

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    No Hail Marys when businesses go global

    I love this time of year in Tampa Bay. What’s not to love, right? The weather is perfect, there’s one holiday after another and, of course, there’s football three times a week.  4th quarter, 2 minute warning and down by only one point…these are just […]

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    Internal controls allow for focused time and resources

    At first It would appear that internal control procedures are not necessary for a single-person, sole proprietor company. Isn’t the purpose of internal control to provide separation of duties and the security of company assets against insider theft or misappropriation? Yes, but an expanded description […]

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