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    The Big Start-Up Business Mistake!

    Operations, Finance and Marketing You’ve probably heard the alarming statistics saying that 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. While this statistic may be inflated, the truth is that many start-up businesses do indeed fail. After working with hundreds of start-ups as a business consultant, Bill […]

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    Show Me the Money!

    The 2014 Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey reports that small businesses rank, “difficulty attracting new customers” as their top business challenge. This statistic helps explain why many of my clients have the same request so often. Show me the money! They want to talk […]

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    Can a Domain Name be Registered as a Trademark?

    by Wayne Harper Special to the Florida SBDC at USF Yes, definitely. If you do a quick search of trademarks on the USPTO Website using “.com,” you see thousands of such trademarks, reflected in both pending applications and registered trademarks. There are a few subtleties […]

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    8 Tips for Business Success After Bankruptcy

    by Samantha Dammer, Esq. Special to the Florida SBDC at USF Most of my clients in recent years have suffered financial losses because of the economy. I have represented many individuals who have had to file a personal and/or business bankruptcy, and I am happy […]

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    Fake Words Make the Best Trademarks

    by Wayne Harper Special to the Florida SBDC at USF When large, well-heeled companies select trademarks, either for a business name or a product line, they often hire a high-priced marketing firm and shell out six-figures for the marketing firm to select a trademark and […]

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    Why just breakeven on financial projections?

    One of the major challenges to a small business is funding. One way to evaluate your business is to create realistic financial projections. For the first year projections, do the following: Increase the projected expenses by 30 percent, then reduce the projected revenue by 50 […]

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