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    Credit card changes shifting responsibilities

    As consumers we have been receiving our new credit and debit cards with the ‘chip.’ Perhaps you’ve read that this makes your card safer. This is all great for us as consumers, but what does it mean to retailers? EMV, or Europay MasterCard Visa, is […]

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    Using Groupon and Facebook to Build Relationships

    Gyms…I have been a member of at least seven gyms over the last 12 years and I lost interest in all of them after a short period of time.  I was always searching for one that met my needs but I couldn’t quite figure out […]

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    Starting a General Construction Company: The Smart Way

    Starting up a construction business can be challenging. Demand can be very volatile in local markets. Licensing, insurance and startup costs must be well planned. Before you start a construction business you must ask yourself these questions: What craft or skill do you have? Construction […]

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    7 Mistakes When Naming Your Business

    In honor of David Letterman’s recent retirement, Growth Acceleration Specialist David Auxier put together his own top 10 list when it comes to things you want to avoid when naming your small business. Here we present 7 of those items. Choosing a name too similar […]

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    Training Your People Without Draining Your Profits

    A classic CFO/CEO exchange: CFO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?” CEO: “What happens if we don’t and they stay? Many businesses of all sizes find themselves in this conundrum and this can be especially challenging for small […]

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    Success vs. Failure: Three Elements for Starting a Successful Business

    Starting a business can be both exciting and risky. On the up side, the thought of being your own boss is appealing to many people. Coupled with an innovative idea or a different way of offering a product or service, the business may produce a […]

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