Local Music Distribution Company Benefits from Growth Acceleration Report

Symphonic Distribution of Pasco County


As a past independent artist himself, no one knows better how far passion and vision can take you than Jorge Brea. Brea, founder and president of Symphonic Distribution launched his business in 2006. Symphonic Distribution is a digital music distribution company that works with independent artists to help get their music on Spotify, Amazon, Pandora and various other outlets all over the world.

“I wanted to join the industry because I also used to make music and I always wanted to get it out there and it wasn’t a very easy thing at the time to do that,” he said. “I started to see a trend that digital distribution was kind of on the up and up and I thought to myself ‘this would be a great way to get my music out there.’ Once I did that I started to realize I could very much help out other musicians, record labels, all over the world.”

Brea was initially attracted to the Florida SBDC at University of South Florida because of the variety of services it has to offer to entrepreneurs.

“I reached out to the SBDC because I was really intrigued by a lot of their interesting programs that they had and seeing that they have this great tool and resource available for a business at no-cost essentially or low cost; that was a really intriguing piece,” he said.

Brea found the depth of experience found within the consultants at the Florida SBDC at USF as intriguing. “As a business owner, I think it’s always important to be open-minded and to take advice and seek guidance from those that have done it and I think the SBDC has a tremendous amount of people who have that experience, which is one of the big motivators as to why I wanted to work with them,” he said.

Specifically, Symphonic Distribution benefited from the Growth Acceleration Services the Florida SBDC at USF offers qualified small business owners.

“The Growth Acceleration report that was put together by the SBDC was quite amazing,” he said. “We found out where our business category was, which is something because our business is so unique and different it’s really tough to figure out how to compare it to anything.” Brea also received cost and revenue analyses on the business.

The team of consultants, and specifically lead consultant Linda Benedict, also offered important recommendations and takeaways to help Brea plan for growth, succession and more, in the report. “It’s really a top to bottom overview and review so I’m left with a report now that I can use as a bible going forth in the next year and onwards,” Brea said.

Symphonic Distribution now services more than 10,000 record labels and artists, and has seen a growth of 30 to 40 percent in revenue since working with the Florida SBDC at USF.

Brea advises other small business owners to work hard, stay humble, and to realize that you’re going to have tough days but that there will be plenty of great days as well.

“Don’t think about yourself all the time, think about the business,” he said. “I think that’s one of the big things I wanted to try to as a business owner is to not put myself at the forefront but look at the business and look at the people that are making that business run because it’s important to always remember and think about them as you grow to build it.”

Symphonic Distribution continues to work alongside Benedict and is hopeful to see more successful growth. Symphonic Distribution continues to develop new technologies and stay innovative in its field.

“The SBDC was really awesome for us,” Brea said. “Working hand in hand with Linda was tremendous. She was actually very patient and asked a lot of great thorough questions that I honestly wasn’t expecting and I think it was really helpful for me because along the way she was able to recommend things that were important, such as a key man policy, and things like that that every business owner that potentially has one sole shareholder should have.”

Looking back to when he came to the United States from the Dominican Republic at just seven years old, he recalls the education he received in corporate America as helping him initially launch his business, but he also acknowledges that including others with experience is a key factor to success.

“I didn’t really go to college or anything after high school, but I did at least have an education in corporate America and that education is what sort of helped me to launch my business, but it only really happens if you are dedicated and you work hard and you have good morals, you’re humble, and you’re able to take advice,” Break said. “I think every business owner should consider working with the SBDC because it’ll just give you more creativity and it’ll give you the necessary advice for you to take your business to the next level.”

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