Magic Floridian Formula Implements Growth Acceleration Plan

Magic Floridian Formula Implements Growth Acceleration Plan

Ever wonder how some people always have a great Florida tan? If it was sunless, the ingredients of the magical lotion may very well have come from Biddiscombe International in Pinellas County.  Its owner, John Melville, is positioning the company to grow 150 to 200 percent over the next three years by implementing the recommendations from a business health assessment prepared by the Small Business Development Center’s Growth Acceleration consultants Pearl Para and Dino Eliadis.

In the assessment, consultants outlined how the company’s manufacturing sales model need to shift its focus from direct sales to lead generation. Eliadis explained, “To achieve sales growth, it is critical to focus more on the product and creating lead generation.”  He added, it’s also important to ensure production can meet future sales increases— “It is a symbiotic system that must be addressed holistically not as separate functions.”

Melville decided selling through the existing distribution channel was a solid and quick to implement strategy as Biddiscombe’s sales force is very small. Plus, the cost associated with developing a team would be prohibitive.  Meetings with SBDC consultants assured Melville that had the plans in place to meet the challenge.  He is now able to prepare the personnel, equipment, financing, marketing investment, and other resources he needs to achieve the growth goal.

Reflecting on the SBDC’s Growth Accelerated Services work with Biddiscombe, Eiladis noted he meets with dozens of owners that want to grow their business, yet,  most haven’t a clue as to what setting a goal truly means for their situation, business, and everyone employed by their company.  He added that many still struggle even after spending weeks, and even months, trying to understand the enormity of their goal and what kind of commitment it takes.

“Within 15 minutes of meeting with Melville, I could see he’d done his homework and was ready to meet his goals.  By adding the SBDC as a member of his team, I believe Melville will only get there that much faster as a result,” said Eiladis.

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