Promotional Analysis: What do you Present to Your Potential Customers

When was the last time you reviewed the company’s marketing and advertising materials?  You should update your materials on a scheduled basis so they don’t present an obsolete or confusing representation of your business.  Let’s look at raising the company profile to allow the customer to see your value, to allow search engines to find your website, to allow your marketing tools to work best for the company and to allow customers to identify with the company. Let’s not forget the importance of   being current, fresh and easy to use.

Let’s Start With Branding

Does your company have a branded logo or tag line?

Is the brand consistent and creating a continuous image of the company?

Is the branded information the same on ALL MATERIALS?

  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Invoices
  • How everyone answers the telephone.
  • Email signature block


Does your home page of your website provide the WOW factors of your company offerings to keep the potential customer wanting more information and finally making a purchasing decision?

Does your website show your links to the social media methods the company utilizes?

Social Media and Networking

Many social media and networking sites are now offering company or business pages.  Take a look at them to see  if they fit.  If they do, why not try this method.

This is just the start of how to keep your image in front of potential and existing customers.  Now is the time to get started reviewing your marketing materials but do not stop there.  Plan a regular review schedule of all marketing materials to present the company’s best image.