Successfully Promoting Your Business with Minimal Expense

Word-of-Mouth. Yes, the old-fashion, tested and most cost-effective promotion is still the great handshake of friendship.  Today, we have modernized it by calling it networking.

Quick tips for word-of-mouth and networking:

1) When meeting someone for the first time or an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while, share with them you are now the proud owner of a business.

2) Do not try to sell.  Just inform them about your business offerings.

3) Always have a quantity of business cards with you and provide each individual with two cards — one to keep and one to share.

The internet is a very powerful and effective marketing tool. Every business must consider and implement an Internet strategy if they are going to be sustainable.  People use the internet to research products and services as well as comparative shopping and most importantly, make purchases.  Remember the internet is open for business 24/7 and assessable worldwide, which may create additional market demand for your products.  Think of all of the internet opportunities you might want to utilize:

  • Website: Make the website with powerful unique feature statements, yet keep it easy for the reader to use and ultimately make a purchasing decision. You also want to ensure you are getting a return on investment from your site. Here are some quick tips on maxing returns on your investment.
  • Social Media and Blogs: What a way to get your customers and friends involved in marketing your business without incurring major costs. It’s easy to collect user input by gathering reviews and ratings, posing questions or using polls. Check out 10 Facebook tips or how Google searches impact small businesses.
  • E-Mail Blasts: Very effective in keeping your information in front of potential purchasers.  Do not over send emails as you do not want to turn the client off. Popular email marketing services include Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, MailChimp, Emma, Silverpop, ExactTarget and Campaign Monitor.

Employees, Vendors and Suppliers.  Provide information about your company’s offerings to those involved with potential customers so they too can promote your company.

Branding your business is very important.  Each marketing or administrative piece should have a common brand to make it easy for current and potential customers to identify with your company.  Look at your materials with a view of what does the potential buyer see in your text and graphics.  Is it selling the unique features or benefits of your company?  And, don’t forget to check what employees are saying about the company. Consistency is key in creating brand awareness.

Items to review include:  business cards, website, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, product literature, banners, displays, e-mail blasts, employee perceptions, etc.