Student Teams

Working with Student Teams is a mutually advantageous situation for all parties involved. An FSBDC at USF business client provides the team with financial and other organization details, the Florida SBDC at USF provides value-added service to the client, and the client gets a no-cost plan as a result. Each project is assigned a Florida SBDC at USF regional consultant to oversee the project.  Our main interest is to ensure that the client will receive an adequate plan at the end of the semester.

This program lasts one semester, up to 16 weeks.  During the semester, the student team will prepare an individualized product, based on the business’ needs and selected team.  A written report will be created providing the organization with a professional, fully developed plan for use in guiding and developing the business. Products available include the following:

Student Teams


Qualified businesses:

  • Are for profit small businesses as defined by the U.S. SBA (less than 500 employeess)


  • Have been in business for at least 1 year
  • Have more than 1 employee
  • Have gross revenues of more than $25,000


  • Have been in business for at least 3 years
  • Have more than 5 employees
  • Have gross revenues of more than $1 million

Apply for a Student Team

    Name of Business

    Business Description

    Business Owner's Name



    Start Date of Business

    Number of Employees

    2018 Gross Revenue

    2019 Gross Revenue

    2020 Gross Revenue

    Projected 2021 Gross Revenue

    Type of Service Requested