Local Sebring company benefits from business assessment

G.M.C. Painting, Inc. of Highlands County

When Greg Carr first started G.M.C. Painting, Inc. 12 years ago he realized how being a small business could contribute to the community as well as being a great opportunity to give back.

As the owner, daily operations coordinator, and project manager Carr decided to reach out to the Florida SBDC at University of South Florida in 2007 for some help. “About five years ago I sat in David Noel’s office when I was at a point where, at the end of 2006-2007 when things were slowing down,” Carr said.

With consultant David Noel, G.M.C. Painting Inc. was able to get a full business assessment.

“Since I’ve got my business assessment from David Noel and upon reviewing it I’ve noticed how they can help me be not only more efficient with my employees, but with my finances and serve my customers. That being said, it takes me as the owner operator somewhat out of the equation of actually having to perform the job and to help serve the clients, help manage the finances, and manage the employees in a more efficient way,” Carr said.

Carr added that working with Noel has helped relieve some of the stress that comes with operating a business, just by learning how to be more organized in the business functions.

By working with the Florida SBDC at USF Carr was able to get a complete financial break down of the business finances and get a better understanding of where G.M.C. Painting Inc. now stands.

“Being on the job and being out on jobs and being in the office, often times I don’t get to manage that or review it as often as I like. So to have the paperwork in front of me, because I’m a numbers guy and when I see the numbers and have them help me break that down, that was very important and a big help for me,” Carr said.

G.M.C. Painting Inc. is currently working with consultant Noel to continue its growth and becoming more systematical in its processes.

“When SBDC came to me and offered me the opportunity to help examine where G.M.C Painting stood I was rather humble and I’d say to anybody else who has the opportunity, it’s worth your half a day on Monday, your follow up; it’s worth the two hours you’re not on the job to take advantage of some of the resources that this has to offer to your company,” Carr said.