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  • Is your new hire a W-2 Employee or 1099 Contractor?

    Is your new hire a W-2 Employee or 1099 Contractor?

    by Corey McCaster | May 21, 2019 Many small business owners may find themselves faced with the dilemma of determining if a new hire is considered a W-2 employee or a 1099 independent contractor. Unfortunately, they often make the wrong decision. According to the Internal […]

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  • Things to Consider When Hiring Your First Employee

    Things to Consider When Hiring Your First Employee

    by Pat Gordon | March 30, 2018 You’ve been through all the initial challenges of opening your own business. You created a business plan, calculated your costs and pricing strategy, and opened a business bank account. You decided on a business name, researched your target […]

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  • Six Steps to Curing Employee Churn

    Six Steps to Curing Employee Churn

    “I can’t find the right people to hire and even if I do, they don’t last more than a year or two!” the client groaned sitting across from my desk. “We pay the going rate but things have changed. Employees just aren’t loyal anymore!”

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  • Sbdc Turnover Didyouknow

    Two Tools for Reducing Employee Turnover

    We have already identified the effects of employee engagement and the impact of employee turnover on business success.  I have seen this first hand within my own business and at many organizations around the globe. The U.S. economy is gaining steam and revenue is growing. […]

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    Use Stretch Goals to Help Employees Achieve More

    Many business owners and sales managers ask the same question, how do I set sales and production goals?   There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.   The answers typically depend on your industry, work flow, employees, and budget. Some companies have employees organized into work teams and incentives […]

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    Four Steps to Great Leadership Character

    Leaders are often at the top of their game when reaching to a crisis. Usually during such moments leaders reach into their deepest instincts to make decisions. You may have experienced this type of crystal clear decision making as your back was against the wall […]

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