Should my company become CGBP Certified?

by Eileen Rodriguez, CGBP | May 14, 2019

Should my company become CGBP Certified?Many business owners starting out may not consider the possibility of their business being ready for the global market. However, more than 95 percent of the world’s consumers are located beyond U.S. borders. So, if you think your business is not exposed to global markets, think again. Your website is your first connection to reaching these new consumers.

But global commerce can be a complicated undertaking if the business owner is not adequately prepared. Fortunately for those individuals, there are plenty of resources that can help.

Most business owners turn to the experts to help guide them through the many challenges that await. However, there are many who want to take the more hands on approach and seeks out the knowledge and certifications to take on the different aspects of international trade on their own. That’s exactly what a certification from the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE) does.

Becoming a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) demonstrates that a person is proficient in global business and can navigate today’s complex global environment.

The CGBP focuses on four domains of international trade – global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance.

This designation is not to be taken lightly. It is expensive, time-consuming and requires a big commitment from the business owner.

Who should seek certification?

NASBITE currently has over 2,000 certified members from many facets of the global industry community. Commonly, certification seekers are service provider organizations, government agencies and small business owners, or their delegates.

Though the CGBP may seem like an exclusive club, it is really open for any professional to join. The ideal candidate is required to have either a two or four-year degree, or at least 32 college credit hours and two years of international trade experience.

Where do I begin?

First you complete the application process, including uploading all supporting documents that prove you meet the requirements for the certifications. If you do meet the qualifications, you will be invited to take a test.

What are the challenges?

The test is very challenging. It is closed book, and consists of 150 multiple choice questions that cover five “threads” of each of the four domains of international trade – documentation, legal and regulatory compliance, intercultural awareness, technology and resources.

You must score a 500 out of a possible 800. If you do not, you will be able to try again, but will have to wait for the next available testing date.

What are the benefits to obtaining a certification?

As a small business owner, it establishes that you have the knowledge and ability to navigate all areas of the global marketplace. The fact that it’s a third-party certification adds to its credibility. It will give you an unequivocal edge over your competition and shows that you know what you are talking about. That gives consumers a trust in your company that may otherwise be hard to come by.

To find out more about becoming a CGBP, please visit the NASBITE website.

  • Eileen Rodriguez

    Regional Director, NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), Certified Trainer, Florida SBDC at USF, Tampa

    Specialty: International Business, Women/Minority Business Certification

    Eileen Rodriguez began working with the Florida SBDC at USF in 1997, providing one-on-one confidential consulting and teaching seminars in English and Spanish in the areas of starting a small business, international trade, and women and minority certification. Before joining the FSBDC at USF, Rodriguez owned her own business for four years. She has more than 22 years of experience as a professional businesswoman. Prior to working at the Florida SBDC at USF, Rodriguez owned a geological consulting firm for four years. Rodriguez has received several recognitions, including the MED Corp’s Minority Business Advocate Award in 2017; Hispanic Leadership Class Award in Business from the Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. in 2013; Status of Latino Staff Award from USF in 2013; and the Pathways Award from USF in 2018. She obtained her bachelor’s from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Science and an MBA from the University of South Florida. She is active in many organizations including the National Minority Supplier’s Development Council, Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Corp. of Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Women in International Trade, Fifth Third Bank’s Florida Community Advisory Forum, and NASBITE International.

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