Pet Grooming Company On a Roll

Rover Done Over of Hillsborough County

After the real estate crash, Gretchen McManus found herself out of a job. Being someone who’s always loved animals, Gretchen went to a dog grooming school, purchased a dog grooming truck and started Rover Done Over Pet Grooming with her husband Shean McManus.

“My heart has always been with the animals and after a lot of soul searching I decided that I really wanted to work with the critters,” Gretchen said.

Being a family-owned small business trying to save money in the right areas, Rover Done Over sought out help from Florida SBDC at USF consultant Bill Burnham.

“We’ve done the best we could, but they’ve helped us really look into our books and our prospecting and how we advertise and kind of give us suggestions on how we can do things better,” Shean said. “For a company our size it’s nice because we don’t have money to go out and pay the high dollar advertising companies; so it’s a service that we greatly value.”

While working with Gretchen and Shean, Burnham prepared a Growth Acceleration Report to help the couple gain focus during their growth. The couple found the report to be a huge asset.

“It allows us to have more focus on what the next project is, what were actually working on and what we should focus on first, second and then to actually start implementing things,” Gretchen said. “So were glad to have that input to be able to better direct us and guide us through our growth process.”

Not only did Burnham develop a Growth Acceleration Report for the business, he also made sure the couple understood every word of it to help aid them in the growth of their company.

“He actually sat down with us and kind of went through page by page making sure we understood what we were looking at because a lot of the reports are very detailed,” Shean said.

In the short period of two years, Rover Done Over has grown from having three trucks to seven trucks and has hired valuable employees.

“That’s been a big jump in a quick period of time and really we just attribute that to being picky about our staff,” Gretchen said of the growth.

Moving forward, the couple plans to continue using the Florida SBDC at USF services to help them with website building and social media.

“A lot of small businesses have no idea that this service even exists,” Gretchen said. “It’s really a good one to get an outside perspective and I would suggest it to anyone.”